Who We Are

About nine years ago, our family went thru a dramatic change. We had a son with some pretty heavy health issues and we had to learn a new way to function as a family. We were living in town with a country heart and we knew that now was our time. We committed to paying off our debt so we could afford a farm where we could grow our own food, drink water from our own well, raise free range kids and live a life that some only dream about. Fast forward four years and we were ready to launch! Our real estate agent found a farm just our size that had been on the market for only hours! We made the offer, secured the house and the rest, as they say, is history! We have spent the last five years on our Farm learning as we go about all kinds of animals, feed, soil, water sources, work ethic, machinery… you name it, it’s on the ever expanding, never ending list! We are so grateful to God for finding this slice of Heaven for us. We hope you ride the ride with us as we learn and grow here on The Farm.

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