Sewing Project: Casserole Hot Pad

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Recently, I was blessed to get to spend time at my friend Jackie’s house and I got to spend a whole afternoon sitting on the porch reading and chatting with her teenage daughter, Hailey. What a huge treat! Hailey is beautiful, talented and creative and she has a heart for Jesus! What more can you ask for in a daughter or friend?

During our conversation she told me about a recent sewing project she completed, and I was not only impressed, but intrigued. What a great idea! I admit, I had never heard of a hot pad sewn specifically to fit a 9 x 13 casserole dish before. I loved the idea and I really love simple and quick (translate “instant gratification”) sewing projects, so I decided to coordinate with my friend Tracy at Essentially Loved Quilts on a how-to post!

Thanks for the inspiration, Hailey!

Hailey’s project. My inspiration.

Materials List:

2 pieces of 100% cotton, pre-washed fabric, cut to 10″ x 14″ in size

2 pieces of 100% cotton batting, cut to 10″ x 14″ in size

Coordinating thread


Straight pins

Lay your two pieces of fabric, right sides together and place your batting on top.

Pin all of the pieces together.

Hailey used binding on her project, but we are opting to just turn and press ours so, mark a small opening (about 3-4 inches) on one end that you will leave open so you can turn your project.

Stitch a 3/8″ seam around the edges.

Everything stitched except the opening left for turning! Tracy has a really steady sewing hand, for sure!

Using a pair of scissors, trim the corners being careful to get close, but not so close that you cut the seam. This will help the corners lay flat.

Pushing the fabric through the opening, turn your hot pad so the right sides are facing out.

Now, press your hot pad pushing out the corners to make them crisp and flat.

Fold over and in the edges of the opening you left for turning your project. Press flat. This, along with pinning, will help keep the seam in place for stitching closed.

Carefully stitch the opening closed pulling the pins out before your sewing machine needle reaches them. No need for a broken needle to interrupt the fun!

Continue stitching all edges of the hot pad. Doing this helps keep them flat.

Quilting the fabric is recommended for keeping the batting from shifting inside during use and washing. You can do that in whatever pattern you’d like, but for this project, we opted for just a set of straight lines.

Tracy is really good at doing straight and tiny seams!
Quilting seams.
Finished project!

Thanks again to Tracy at Essentially Loved Quilts for her expertise on this project! Check out her website here and follow her on Facebook here.

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