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Planting: Greenhouse Renovation, Part Two

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Our little Farm has had a blanket of snow most days for the past week. It’s almost Easter. We are thankful for the extra precipitation that the Lord is gifting us with. It does mean that many outside projects are on hold. But I knew I could get my vegetable starts going in the midst of it all, so I put on my boots and headed out! Yesterday was mostly dry… mostly without snow… and seriously muddy here on the Farm! Today we have more than 6 inches of snow and it’s still coming down!

This morning’s view from the Master Bedroom at the Farm

I already had a pretty good stock of seeds. We haven’t planted a garden in a couple of years, so I had a store of them, and I was determined that some of them would meet the soil!

My son is the manager at the Dollar General here in our little town, so I look for any excuse to go there when he’s working and buy stuff. Secretly I just want to give him a hug and see how he’s doing. Ok, I admit it, it isn’t much of a secret…

But I digress…

Potting soil. I needed more than I had if I were going to get all of the planting done! Four bags later and my soil bin was full!

I had already sorted my seeds, but I knew that most of the seeds I would be planting would be tomatoes. At our house, we go through a lot of canned tomatoes throughout the year, so they are the most important crop I grow. After that, I choose seeds that need to have really hearty plants before they get put in the ground.

Seeds and markers

Now, before we get even one step further, I need to be really honest… I don’t have a green thumb. My parents did. I do not. I am attempting many new things this year to ensure my success. I will write more posts about our plans and progress and link them here as soon as possible, but you will, like me, have to keep checking in to see what we’ve learned, tried and succeeded or failed at!

A long time ago we learned that Roma tomatoes were the best all-around tomato for us. They were fast and easy to can and easy to use fresh. I also planted a package of San Marzano tomatoes. San Marzanos and Romas are both considered plum tomatoes and although they are similar in their nutritional value, Romas win hands down for Vitamin C and ease of growing. San Marzanos are sweet and low in acid, and have Iron in them, unlike the Romas which have none at all! San Marzanos are a little touchy as they are prone to blossom end rot. I am hoping we are able to avoid that… stay tuned!

These are all Roma tomatoes. Boaz was helping in the greenhouse and made a sign for each of his Koopa… we are not growing Koopa. They don’t can well. 🙂
More veg… not Koopa!

Cherry tomatoes are pure candy treats at our house (so are sugar peas, but those I can direct seed)! I haven’t planted them for years. I decided I would this year as I thought they would make good gifting to friends if and when we have more than we can eat! Aside from that, I planted peppers along with cabbage and broccoli.

The short of it is, I need to plant more! Right now, though, I need to get some plates for under the pots I have (is it too late to call my son and have him bring some home from the store!?) so I don’t water the floor with what drains away.

Because I knew the weather was going to be unpredictable, I spent time after planting and put plastic on the windows and a crack along the back door that will need to be fixed eventually with proper trim. I cleaned things up a bit and made a list of items that I need to finish our greenhouse reno. Can I just say, I’m excited! I can’t wait for things to grow… I can’t wait to make the greenhouse amazing… I’m going to pretend it isn’t snowing…

If you missed it, here is Part 1 of the Greenhouse Renovation!

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