Homemade Garlic Herb Bread

It’s a crisp winter day here on the Farm so it seems to be perfect timing to make a loaf of my Garlic Herb Bread! Something about the smell of herb bread while it’s being kneaded, when it’s rising on the counter, baking in the oven and cooling on the racks just makes the house seem a little more warm and cozy in these below freezing temperatures.

Seriously, though, you aren’t going to believe how simple this is to make, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it a hundred times before!

First, skip on over to my post for my No Fail Bread Recipe. This is the basic recipe I use for all of my breads, even my Grandma Moir’s Cinnamon Rolls! It’s versatile and can make anyone a successful bread baker! Trust me.

To make this delicious and aromatic bread, simply add your choice of herbs during the mixing process! It’s that easy.

Herbs I used in the bread I made today. I made two loaves and they are so popular around here that I will likely be baking bread again tomorrow!

When I’m making Garlic Herb Bread, I always use olive oil for the fat in this recipe. Olive oil lends a really earthy and robust flavor to the loaf that combines well with the aromatic herbs.

When you reach step 5 in the No Fail Bread Recipe, (“slowly add in the salt”) add in your herbs! How many herbs you are using and which herbs will determine how much you add. I will give you a basic recipe for a single loaf, but feel free to adjust the amounts and types of herbs to your tastes.

Basic Herb Recipe for Garlic Herb Bread:

One teaspoon each:






Add these herbs to a single loaf of bread during the mixing process and bake as usual. You can bake this free-form or in a loaf pan.

Feel free to experiment with different herb combinations! The loaf I baked today is for making mozzarella and pepperoni grilled cheese sandwiches to go with tomato basil soup for dinner tonight! Yum! Make two loaves and put one in the freezer! They freeze really well when properly wrapped.

The herb bread was the perfect contributor to our dinner of tomato basil soup with grated parmesan. The toasted cheese sandwiches were made with mozzarella and fried pepperoni slices.

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