Greenhouse Renovation

Bud’s House: Greenhouse Renovation, Part One

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Ugh. Bud’s House…

When we moved to the Farm, Bud’s house was in a different location and had two sturdy lean-tos attached to it. Within a year, it found its new location near the garden. The lean-tos were taken off with one being repurposed as a shelter for animals in our side pasture and the other being salvaged for construction projects.

Who the heck is Bud!? We have no idea. Bud’s House was once attached to our electric system and the breaker box within primitively announced “his” identity and so it has remained.

Bud’s House has stood in our garden area for a few years now collecting gardening tools, yard ornaments and an inordinate number of dead flies. Yuck! This year, I’m determined to reinvent him from whatever his purpose was in his former life to my new greenhouse!

First step… Clear out the garbage!

Four string trimmers, a hedge trimmer, a bird bath, bottles of fertilizer and chemicals (nope!), stacks of pots, an old recliner, an electric lawn edger…. we had it all! And most of it is now for sale to the highest bidder!

How many chicken lawn ornaments does one actually need??

Next step, get rid of all the trash! Almost everything got chucked outside until it passed my approval to return. Then, I swept up and disposed of a disgusting number of dead flies!

I mean… who doesn’t need a recliner in their greenhouse!?

Now I was on to sorting through what stays and what goes… what belongs and what needs to be relocated.

On to the big plans…

Honestly, the most important thing that Bud’s House needs right now is plants! A late winter storm pushed snow into our little valley, and we definitely are going to need the head start on planting some of our vegetable crop this year! But while we get our starts ready…

We plan to finish cleaning and painting. A little siding and roof repair… add in another window for cross ventilation and more natural light, and level the whole building. There will be covered bins full of potting soil, a water supply and small hand tools. We’ll create a place for all of the extra yard care tools and get the doors sealed a bit better. Screens for the windows, fans and a stool for sitting at the potting table while planting and tending all of the glorious things!

Getting ready to plant
Bud’s House today

Today I walked out in the snow and planted in a large pot some strawberry plants that our neighbors had thinned from their patch (lower left of the above picture). With the overnight temperatures dipping into the teens this week, they’ll need the protection of the greenhouse until the ground gets a little more hospitable for transplants!

Since this is my big Spring project, I will try to update you weekly on how we are progressing and what we’ve learned and, most of all, what’s growing! Stay tuned!

greenhouse view
The “front porch” view from Bud’s House on the first day of clean-up. Maybe a recliner right here wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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