5 Vegetables You Still Have Time to Grow Before the Fall Frost

50 Days or Less, Seed to Harvest

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Think you’re too late to plant a garden? Think again! There are still options out there to give you a crop before the frost!


There are lots of options in this category! Kale, lettuce, arugula, spinach… You can harvest most greens in about 30 days or less! These also do well in planters so if you don’t have a garden spot, no worries!

This lettuce grows so fast there’s no way we could eat it all! I bag and sell the excess to help pay for next year’s seeds!


Radishes can be planted in early Spring and again late in the Summer. Radishes also take about 30 days to go from seed to harvest and you’ve never had a great radish until you’ve had one that you grew in your own dirt! Trust me!

Homegrown radishes are spicy!


Peas take a little longer to grow at about 50 days from seed to harvest. Peas are prolific to say the least! You will be able to harvest a good amount every day. Peas are one of the easiest growers in the garden and we love to eat them straight off the vine.

Just when you think you’ve harvested all of them for the day, look from a different angle and you’ll see a dozen you’ve missed!


Zucchini is another easy grower and with 50 days from seed to harvest, you can’t go wrong. Zucchini does require some space, though, so take that into consideration. It’s rare that my family will eat sauteed zucchini for dinner but there isn’t one of them that would turn down zucchini bread! When I harvest zucchini, I grate it in the food processor and freeze it in recipe sized increments. Check out my zucchini bread recipe here.

An early zucchini well on its way to being a fall morning loaf of zucchini bread!

Green Beans

Fresh green beans from the garden are amazing! Even better than fresh ones from the store. Green beans are fast, easy and prolific. They are 50 days seed to harvest and are a great addition to your garden.

You haven’t had a great green bean until you’ve eaten one you’ve grown yourself!

Remember that garden centers are starting to close out their leftover vegetable plants so that might be a really great option for putting in a late garden also. After all, they’ve already taken you from seed to young plant!

Growing your own food is really fun and super satisfying. I love it when I can sit down to a meal and see so many items that were grown right here on our farm! No transport time, no chemicals or pesticides. I know exactly how it all started and how it got to my plate and that’s a really great feeling.

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